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Boxing & MMA

Both Boxing and MMA require a lot of Strength and Endurance, and a high level of fitness. Correct Supplementation is of great importance for Boxers and Fighters to ensure they combat fatigue and limit injuries which happen frequently in these types of sports.

Creatine is useful for Boxers and MMA Fighters, as it stocks up the energy stores for your Muscles, boosting their performance. This is important for both of these sports, as Fighting is extremely taxing on the muscles, and increased muscular endurance provides that extra edge you need.

Whey Protein is beneficial for anyone no matter what sport they do. It is absorbed rapidly by the body, facilitating the repair and rebuilding of Muscle Cells after they are broken down through training. Whey Protein’s high BCAA content, High Biological Value and low fat and Carbohydrate content makes it perfect for before and after training to replenish the Muscles.

Amino Acids help with Muscle Growth and Tissue Repair, so are ideal for Boxers and MMA fighters to take. They help Facilitate the Recovery of Muscles after training, and speed up Tissue Repair, so are great for speeding up the healing of injuries too.  

A good PreWorkout is ideal for Boxers and MMA fighters to take before Matches and Training. These types of sports rely heavily on Endurance, so taking a PreWorkout will provide energy and endurance to give it your all.