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Cycling relies on a huge amount of Endurance, and requires a lot of energy. The top supplements for a Cyclist would be a good Whey Protein, Energy Drink with Electrolytes for Hydration, and Amino Acids to help with Recovery.

Whey Protein is beneficial for anyone no matter what sport they do. It is absorbed rapidly by the body, facilitating the repair and rebuilding of Muscle Cells after they are broken down through exercise. Whey Protein’s high BCAA content, High Biological Value and low fat and Carbohydrate content makes it perfect for before and after training to replenish the Muscles.

A good Energy and Hydration product is also beneficial for Cyclists. Endurance is extremely important, as well as hydration, so having an all in one product can help a lot. Products such as Endura Rehydration and Balance Restore energy have a blend of ingredients to enhance performance such as Electrolytes and Magnesium to prevent Muscle Cramps and enhance Endurance.  

Finally, Branched Chain Amino Acids are also useful for Cyclists. They prevent Muscle breakdown during exercise, and help reduce muscle soreness and Fatigue. BCAAs speed recovery and also help in the building of Muscle Tissue.