Are you looking to gain weight & in need of Mass Gaining Supplements? Why not build your own stack!

Follow the Steps below through the different products in order to Build your Own Intermediate Mass Gaining Stack


1. Choose your Mass Gainer:
Mass gainers contain good proteins, carbs and calories to help you gain bulk more quickly. It is a must for anyone looking to gain weight. 

2. Choose your Creatine: Improve size & strength, promote muscular Endurance and promote muscle recovery. 

3. Choose your BCAAs: Branch Chain Amino Acids are the "Building Blocks" of the body. They make up 35% of your muscle mass and must be present for molecular growth and development to take place. 

4. Choose your Pre-Workout: Designed to support increased energy, focus, and endurance in the gym. Therefore allowing you to perform at your best. 



Mutant Mass 6.8kg

Our Price: $119.00

Mutant Mass Gainer 6.8kg / 15lb AA Smartfuel Member? Save 10c OFF per litre on fuel when you spend between $100 - $199. Next discount up = 20c off per litre on fuel with expenditures between $200 - $299. Click here to see full fuel discount rates.  About PVL Mutant Mass OVER 1060 CALORIES PER SERVING. PACKED WITH 10 COMPLETE PROTEIN +...


Balance BCAA - 150 Caps

Our Price: $29.00

BALANCE BCAA CAPSULES SIZE: 150 Caps     ABOUT BALANCE BCAA It’s time to get slammed (in a good way) with 600mg of high quality branched chain amino acids. That means better recovery and repair, less muscle soreness, and better training intensity as a result.   BCAA BENEFITS Branched chain amino acids do two things well: they help your body...


Platinum Labs DEFCON1 30 Serves

Our Price: $59.00

Platinum Labs DEFCON1 - 30 Servings Intense Pre-Workout About Platinum Labs Defcon1  EXPECT: - Mental focus - Better mind muscle connection - Great muscle pumps and nutrient delivery to the muscles - Good,clean energy - No crash - Great flavours-quite possibly the best tasting pre-workout on the market today - Better endurance - Less fatigue - Jitter-free energy DEFCON1...


Isatori CT Fletcher Rapid Test 63 Capsules

Our Price: $89.10

Isatori CT Fletcher Rapid Test 63 Capsules About Isatori CT Fletcher Rapid Test 63 Capsules Rapid Test contains a sizeable dose of Fenugreek which may increase testosterone and enhance libido, with the most notable effects likely manifesting in those who have abnormally low Testosterone levels. Features: Test Subjects Increased Test in Just 10 Hours Full Clinically Researched Dosing of...



Our Price: $99.00

BSc Body Science BSc NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE 1.5kg   About BSc Body Science NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE 1.5kg 1.5kg/3kg PROTEIN POWDER BLEND | BUILD LEAN MUSCLE NOT FAT | High protein carb matrix with 3g creatine | Made with the highest quality whey & milk proteins | Flavours: Milk Choc, White Choc (Vanilla), Choc Peanut Butter Re-Fuel, Re-Build & Recover  50/50...

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