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LG Sciences was inspired by the brand “Legal Gear.  We represent the best in sports nutrition for the modern man.  Our supplements are formulated by a team of people committed to good science, good nutrition and of course supporting your decision to eat right and workout like a beast!

Where Science Meets Cutting Edge Supplements

* Bodybuilding is about more than hitting the gym. To get big, you’ve got to do three things:

* Find a diet plan that works.

* Find a training plan that works.

* Find the supplements that work for you.

* That third part is where even the most hardcore guys fail. The best supplements give you testosterone and reduce your estrogen levels, all while promoting muscle mass and massive strength increases. The problem is that most supplements are made up of ingredients that sound great, but are really full of fillers and junk that are anything but hardcore.At LG Sciences, we help you get the biggest body out there through science and research. We’re the smart choice if you want a body that is bigger than you ever dreamed of.

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