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Any Netball Player knows the importance of correctly Fuelling and Supplementing your body, and the impact it has on Performance. Netball players require a high amount of agility and stamina, as well as the ability to Recover from Games and Trainings quickly. They would benefit from Supplementing their diet with Whey Protein, as well as a good hydration product for during games and trainings, Beta Alanine for Endurance, and Amino Acids for Recovery.

Whey Protein is beneficial for anyone no matter what sport they do. It is absorbed rapidly by the body, facilitating the repair and rebuilding of Muscle Cells after they are broken down through exercise. Whey Protein’s high BCAA content, High Biological Value and low fat and Carbohydrate content makes it perfect for before and after training to replenish the Muscles.

A good Energy and Hydration product is also extremely useful for Netball Players. Endurance is extremely important, as well as hydration, so having an all in one product can help a lot. Products such as Endura Rehydration and Balance Restore energy have a blend of ingredients to enhance performance such as Electrolytes and Magnesium to prevent Muscle Cramps and enhance Endurance.  

Beta Alanine also reduces muscular fatigue and enhances endurance, which is perfect for Netball Players. Games require a high level of physical output for long periods of time, so taking Beta Alanine either by itself or within another Energy and Endurance boosting product can be extremely beneficial.

Branched Chain Amino Acids are useful as they reduce muscle soreness and fatigue Post-Training, and speed the rate of recovery for Muscles. Scivation Xtend and Balance BCAA are both great Amino Acid Supplements that will not only help with improving Training Intensity, but promote lean muscle repair and reduce Soreness and Fatigue.