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Power Lifting

Power lifting is one of the most exciting, fastest growing sports today. It focuses primarily on three different lifts: Squat, Bench Press and Dead Lift. Power lifting is a great way to build strength, but requires a lot of Energy, Muscular Endurance, and Physical Power.

Supplementation is of Vital Importance for Power Lifters to ensure they stay on top of their game, get the most out of their training sessions, Recover quickly, and prevent injuries. Power Lifters would benefit from taking Whey Protein, Pre-Workout for Energy, Creatine for increased Muscular Performance and Amino Acids for Recovery.

Whey Protein is the king of all Supplements, and for good reason. There is a huge amount of research supporting the benefits of taking Whey Protein, especially for Muscle Growth and Retention. It stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis, a process that ultimately creates bigger, stronger Muscles, which is exactly what Power Lifters need.

Power Lifters would also benefit hugely from taking a Pre-Workout Supplement. Their training sessions are always hugely demanding both physically and mentally, and require a lot of Energy, Strength and Endurance. A good Pre-Workout supplement will help to provide that boost of Energy and extra strength they need, and the Mental Focus to push harder and smash their goals. Pre-Workouts are a must for any serious Power Lifter wanting to take their trainings to the next level and improve their Performance.

Creatine is also hugely useful for Power Lifters. It improves the supply of Energy to the muscles, enhancing muscular performance and endurance. It improves strength and power, and enables greater Muscular Gains.