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Red 8

Red 8 was born out of athlete Jim Bedwell’s passion for sport, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Jim’s sporting achievements include:

  • six New Zealand Ironmen
  • three Hawaii Ironmen
  • two Japan Ironmen

He achieved a sub 9½ hour Hawaii Ironman, a Top 20 finish in Japan, and a Top 10 finish in the Kiwi Lager NZ Ironman. Jim is probably the only person to finish Top 10 in both the NZ Ironman and the Longest Day Speights Coast to Coast.

Out of his experiences (National IFBB Championship Novice over 80kg) came an intense interest in protein and a belief in healthy nutrition, that has grown into a thriving nutritional products business. 

Jim is also the author of a best-selling book 'Food for Sport'.

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