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Playing Rugby is extremely demanding on your body, as it requires a high level of Fitness and Endurance. Rugby Players require a lot of energy for both matches and training. Whether it is playing a game, doing Intervals, Plyos, Sprints or Weights for training, Rugby Players require a lot of Strength, Energy and Power.

The four most useful Supplements for Rugby Players would be a good Mass Gainer Protein, Creatine, Beta Alanine and a good Recovery Supplement.

A Mass Gainer is extremely useful for Rugby Players, as it provides a source of good quality Protein and Carbohydrates to drive Mass and Strength gains fast. Rugby Players require a lot of Energy and Strength, so a Mass Gainer makes a perfect foundation for their diets.

Creatine is another Supplement that Rugby Players would definitely benefit from using. It boosts Muscular Performance by stocking up the muscles energy stores. Creatine enhances Muscular Endurance and drives greater strength gains by providing Muscles with the ability to maintain power output through periods of intense physical exercise.

Beta Alanine reduces muscular fatigue and enhances endurance, which is perfect for the likes of a Rugby Player. Games require a high level of physical output for long periods of time, so taking Beta Alanine either by itself or within another Energy and Endurance boosting product can be extremely beneficial.

Finally, taking a good Recovery Supplement after trainings and Games is Vital for Rugby Players to ensure they replenish their Muscles and speed Recovery. Branched Chain Amino Acids are useful as they reduce muscle soreness and fatigue post training, and speed the rate of recovery for Muscles. Glutamine is another Amino Acid that speeds Recovery and helps to repair Muscles. A product such as Balance Recover and Refuel is perfect for after trainings and Games as it provides Essential Amino Acids, as well as Electrolytes. It helps to protect the muscles from Anti-Catabolic Action.