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Triathlon mixes Swimming, cycling and Running into one extremely demanding race. It requires a high amount of cardiovascular fitness and a well fuelled body. Where most sports require a person to be proficient in one field, Triathlons require Athletes to be good at all three. This makes training extremely demanding and taxing on the body. Proper supplementation is of vital importance to ensure your body performs well.

Hydration is very important for Triathletes, so an energy drink that hydrates and provides energy is extremely useful. Products such as Endura Rehydration and Balance Restore energy have a blend of ingredients to enhance performance such as Electrolytes and Magnesium to prevent Muscle Cramps and enhance Endurance.  

Post Training Recovery is also extremely important for Triathletes. Having a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement such as Scivation Xtend helps to promote lean muscle repair and reduce Soreness and Fatigue.