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Staff Bios - Kevin Francis

Staff - Kevin


Who are you? Your life story in one paragraph. 

I have always had an interest in sports and staying fit in general. I was a huge basketball junkie in high school and still am. I got into training and fitness in high school with my brother. At the time it was just a hobby, but very quickly grew into a passion and lifestyle. I am currently studying at Uni while still pursuing that swole life!


What do you like most about working here?

Being surrounded in a fitness culture. Everyone here has fitness as a part of their life, and being a fitness junkie, what better work environment could you ask for! It also provides a phenomenal learning opportunity, (because as a student I obviously don't get enough of that) for gaining in-depth understanding of the various supplements we sell and how they interact. And because of this, there is so much you can take away, to use in your own life and also to help others.


What do you do to stay fit?

Primarily weight training with a bit of cardio here and there.


Feel free to go into the details of your training.

In terms of weight training I typically do bodybuilding splits. And for cardio, I try to squeeze in a couple sessions of ball at the courts.


What's your favourite/least favourite exercise?

I don't have a favorite/least favorite exercise. In my opinion, every exercise has its benefits. The only time I get bored of an exercise is if I do it way too often. Therefore I try and incorporate a lot of variety to keep it fun!


What's your favourite workout music?

At the moment it's Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Steve Aoki & Ummet Ozcan - ID, But I listen to a whole lot of other things from Rap, Rock, RnB, House and EDM depending on my mood. Essentially anything with SICK drop is a must!


What's your favourite food?

Love me a pizza!


What's your #1 fitness/nutrition/health tip?

STAY CONSISTENT!!! I think too many people over complicate what they have to do to get results. Doing something and doing it consistently over time is what gets results and keeps you satisfied.


If you could only use three supplements for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

1. Protein supplement: in my opinion this is a fundamental supplement for anyone looking to alter their body composition. I often find myself stuffing my mouth with my required protein intake for a day, so it is tremendously convenient when you can squeeze in a shake.

2. Pre-workout: just as a bit of a pick me up and to get me in the mood for hitting the gym on long days and when I'm feeling tired.

3. Protein bar/cookie: when dieting, these help tremendously to curb cravings. I love my chocolate, so a good protein bar substitute can work just as well when on a bit of a diet.