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BioTrace MRI CMD Trace Mineral - 90 tablets

About BioTrace MRI CMD Trace Mineral

Trace Mineral Tablets are an alternative to Concentrated Mineral Drops and contain all 77 trace elements. This low sodium mineral formulation is contained in a natural base of Alfalfa and Pacific Kelp and is readily assimilated.

CMD Tablets are a dietary supplement formulated by nature for greater bio electric health & body mineral balancing. Suitable for regular or sodium restricted diets and so concentrated that 3 Tablets equals the mineral content of 1/2 cup sea water with 99% sodium removed. CMD Tablets are intended to be a comprehensive mineral and electrolyte supplement that can be confidently used as a complement to alternative/complementary therapies to provide a complete, full spectrum trace mineral support.

Minerals and trace minerals are critical to the health of the human body. They are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health. Concentrated Mineral Drops(CMD) captures the perfect balance of those minerals. Using CMD® every day (mix with juice, food or remineralize purified water) will help conduct and generate your body's entire electrical system. People taking these drops normally say they have more energy and generally feel better.

CMD® originates from the isolated waters of the north arm of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. The Great Salt Lake itself covers some 6,000 square kilometres and represents a terminal collection of the rivers and streams. This drainage system covers an area of 90,000 square kilometres of the Rocky Mountains.

The rocks and soils that comprise the drainage basin represent all the major lithologies - igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary - and cover the entire time span of the Geological Record - from Pre Cambrian to Recent. Consequently the waters of the Great Salt Lake contain within them - rather like the Sea itself - in a dissolved ionic form, all the elements present in the Periodic Table

To obtain CMD® the brine of the Great Salt Lake is concentrated further in evaporation ponds to dramatically increase the concentration of dissolved elements. As a result of exposure to the natural elements of the sun, wind, rain and frost, 98% of the water originally placed into the ponds is evaporated and 99.5% of the Sodium Chloride is removed via natural precipitation as the water becomes a super saturated solution.

Directions BioTrace MRI CMD Trace Mineral Recommended Use

A Dietary Supplement, formulated to provide full spectrum, body balanced trace minerals from Concentrated Mineral Drops®, and is designed to replace trace minerals commonly found deficient in today's diet. 

It is recommended to maintain adequate hydration when taking mineral supplements. 

For regular use: Take 3 tablets daily divided with meals. 

Large amounts of minerals may have a natural laxative effect in some people if they have not had an adequate amount of water.

Nutrition Information

BioTrace MRI CMD Trace Mineral Supplement Facts


  • Amount Per 3 tablets
  • Herb Complex Alfalfa (Leaf), Kelp (Thallus)
  • 1400mg
  • -
  • Vitamin K (Herbs)
  • 50mcg
  • -

  • Calcium (Carbonate & Herbs)
  • 70mg
  • -
  • Iron (Herbs)
  • 3.3mg
  • -
  • Iodine (Herbs)
  • 140mcg
  • -
  • Magnesium (CMD & Herbs)
  • 260mg
  • -
  • Chloride (CMD)
  • 700mg
  • -
  • Sodium (All Sources)
  • 25mg
  • -
  • Potassium (CMD & Herbs)
  • 40mg
  • -
  • Sulfate (CMD)
  • 45mg
  • -
  • Lithium (CMD)
  • 1.5mg
  • -
  • Boron (CMD)
  • 1mg
  • -

Low-Sodium CMD: 2.5ml
All of the minerals from 2.5 ml low-sodium 
Concentrated Mineral Drops, concentrated and dehydrated from Utah’s Inland Sea, the Great Salt Lake

Additional Ingredients

Vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearic acid and vegetable magnesium stearate. May contain modified cellulose and modified cellulose gum. Coating also contains carnauba wax and glycerine. Vegetarian formula.

CMD is an abbreviation for Concentrated Mineral Drops of MRI.

The CMD added to this formula passed the safety test for heavy metals set forth in the US Food Chemicals Codex.

Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) is a low-sodium sea-mineral concentrate from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, made through natural solar evaporation process. 99% sodium removed.



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