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Inner Armour Blue Glutamine Unflavoured 100 Servings 500gm Powder

About Inner Armour Blue Glutamine Unflavoured 100 Servings 500gm Powder

Lean Muscle Series

Glutamine is a “conditionally essential” amino acid. During times of physical stress and exertion Glutamine reserves can be depleted. Glutamine’s role in the body is critical to optimum performance. As the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, Glutamine has a positive anti-catabolic role in protein synthesis and immune system enhancement. Glutamine supplementation can influence muscle tissue recovery, supporting gains in growth and strength while enhancing immune function. Glutamine can be taken with water or added to protein powders and meal replacements to increase nitrogen and fortify intramuscular Glutamine levels..

Features and Benefits

  • Promote Recovery
  • Muscle Growth
  • Immune System Function
    Warnings: Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.

    Ingredients: Ajipure®(1) L-Glutamine.


    As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving (5g) with 4-6oz of your favorite beverage. For optimal results take one serving before training, after training, and before bed.

    Nutrition Information

    Inner Armour Blue Glutamine Unflavoured 100 Servings 500gm Powder

    Serving Size: 1 rounded teaspoon (5 grams)

    Serving Per Container: 500 gm

    • Amount Per Serving
    • Ajipure®(1) L-Glutamine
    • 5gm
    • -



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