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Solgar Gentle Iron 20mg 90 Vegetable Capsules

About Solgar Gentle Iron 20mg

Experience the power of Iron in the most gentle way possible!


Gentle Iron features 20mg of Iron bisglycinate designed to correct iron deficiency. It's actually way more common than you may think - studies show that up to 80% of women are lacking in this important mineral.


Low Iron levels can lead to a wide range of problems that run from fatigue to diarrhoea to issues during pregnancy. The takeaway point: you need to maintain your Iron levels. Especially women. The statistic above targets women because they lose a significant amount of Iron during menstruation - you need to put it back in!


Gentle Iron comes in a carefully chosen chelated version to maximize absorption levels and fight gastrointestinal issues.


Directions Solgar Gentle Iron 20mg Recommended Use

To support healthy Iron levels, take one serving (one capsule) of Gentle Iron per day with a meal.


Nutrition Information

Solgar Gentle Iron 20mg Supplement Facts

Each vegicap provides:

  • Amount Per Serving
Vegetable cellulose:302mg
Vegicaps Capsule shell:99mg (vegetable cellulose, vegetable glycerine,water)
Iron bisglycinate:20mg
Vegetable magnesium stearate:5mg    



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