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Kim Kruger

Nick Name: Kimmi, Krugie, Hurricane

Favourite Meal: My favourite healthy meal is ahi tuna/poke or chicken salad. I LOVE chicken salad. Favorite treats - liquorice allsorts all the way - the big giant ones. 

Supplement Stack: BioX Powerwhey Banana or Cellucor Whey Cinnamon swirl, Balance Liquid Carnitine you'll find in the cup holder of my car, I also crank a lot of amino's like Balance Amino Pro Mango. I also love BioX Glutamine and SciVation Xtend Pineapple.
I do bikram very early in the morning so really only use my preworkouts for morning or weekend sessions. I like c4 pink lemonade for workout energy and strength gains.

Snacks: I do like quest bars, they are handy for travel and to keep in your purse. White Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate chip are my fave. I have been given EHP Labs Oxyshred Strawberry Kiwi to try so that is next on my list to test and it's good thing as summer is coming up. 

Vitamin Stack:Nutralife P3 which is awesome as shelf stable,Nutralife fish oil 1500mg,Nutralife CoQ10,Vit D3 1000IU,Ester C CapsSolgar PreNatal Nutrients,Solgar Formula B-Complex 100 andGo Healthy Colostrum Bears (we are addicted to these). If any issues with sleep I likeNutralife Valarian.

General Advice: Never quit dreaming.  Dream and then take action. In regards to training advice; be consistent. Find what you like doing and stick to it on a regular basis. Make it a habit that becomes part of your regular routine.

Favourite Exercise: Go the glutes!!! This is my year to work on the bootie.  Strong glutes help with my posture, overall strength for both weights and yoga and besides that who doesn't want a nice butt :) Exercises that come to mind I really like at the moment are barbell glute bridges, scorpion kicks, one arm db row, anything trx, and for bikram standing bow, which I have changed from a hate to a love relationship so my positive mindset will make me conquer the thing. I WILL get it full splits this year.

Favourite Quotes: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined" - Thoreau

                            "Life isn't about finding yourself its about creating yourself" - Unknown

                            "You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch
                             once again" - Bikram

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, movies, and live music.

Sporting/Education Achievements:

Growing up I did ballet and jazz for 15 years, then in high school did more long distance running. I did my first half marathon in Wellington, and when training for a second one hurt my ankle and was bored to tears so was convinced to train for a fitness comp. Once I got into weights I fell in love and have continued with them since.

I have been weight training for about 14 years on a regular basis.
I did my second figure comp with the ANB in Australia and placed 2nd at Regionals and 5th at Nationals and got the award for the most up and coming.

Over the years my goaIs have changed and now I am not as interested in competition but in just training for health and energy. I have done all types of training over the years - bodybuilding,  crossfit styles, bodyweight, boxing, and TRX, I love it all. I found I never had the patience for other types of yoga but Bikram was a perfect match for me and over the years it has turned from 90 minutes of torture to 90 minutes of meditation. These days I split my training to 3-4  bikram and 3 weights a week. I have also added in one barre class and get out into the sun to walk, whenever I can. 

I am also a qualified fitness instructor.

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