4 Glute Exercises That Aren't Squats or Lunges

  I'll skip the predictable intro about how we're all so obsessed with our asses and jump straight to the good stuff... It's easier than you think to build a badass set of glutes. It's not necessarily easy, but you can hit them with a wide range of exercises, in multiple planes of motion, and with a variety of intensities....

Preventing the Post-Goal Slump

  So many of us have experienced it: the rebound post diet. It occurs after a strict period or phase of focused and highly disciplined training and nutrition when extremely focused on a goal. The date finally comes and the sense of not only having made an awesome achievement — but also the sense of relief — is intense! You have achieved...

Easter Egg Circuit Workout

  It's almost Easter once again! That means plastic eggs (and maybe some real ones, too), screaming kids, and hopefully a long and enjoyable weekend for everyone. Oh, and for the fitness fanatics out there, it probably means a workout, too. And if you're going to do a workout on Easter, you might as well make it an Easter-themed workout. ...

Are The Scales Weighing You Down?

  Every day I see people obsessing over the scales. They weigh themselves as soon as they get to the gym and again when they finish training. They jump on before they go to bed at night, then again as soon as they wake up. And as the scales fluctuate so too do their emotions. If they like the number...

Spice Up Your Warm-up With This 5-Move Combo

  If you're not already doing a warm-up of some kind prior to your workouts, you should be. Warm-ups are an often overlooked aspect of a badass workout, but they can prime your body for the destruction to come. We won't go into the nitty gritty details, but just know that warm-ups get blood flowing through your tissues, "unlock" stiff...

Lose Body Fat With This TRX Circuit Workout

  We just wrote a post about fat loss a couple weeks ago, but it performed so well that we wanted to follow it up with another.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is perfect for both fat loss workouts and circuit workouts because there's little to no transition time between movements. Sure, you'll have to adjust the straps as you move from...

Upgrade Your Plank With These 6 Tough Variations

  The plank is one of those exercises that people tend to either love or hate.  On one hand, the plank is a fantastic exercise. It builds core strength and stability, teaches you how to create and maintain total body tension, and serves as a foundation for transitioning to more difficult core exercises. On the other hand, it's tough for...

3 Types of Exercises for Rapid Fat Loss

  People love to throw around this popular phrase: "abs are made in the kitchen." There's plenty of truth to it — we won't dispute the importance of rocking a solid eating plan, and that should be your number one priority if you're trying to shred body fat. But that doesn't give you a free pass to ignore what you do in...

5 Steps to Choosing an Awesome Weight Training Program

If, like most people who are interested in fitness and working out, you are self-motivated and enjoy setting your own goals and challenges then this post may be helpful for you.  Whether you are new to weight training or are a seasoned gym-goer, choosing a training program that fits with your schedule and gives you the results you want can...

5 Partner Exercises for Valentine's Day

The day of love — or loneliness, depending on your current situation — is almost here once again. And you know what makes it better whether you're in a long-term relationship or you're flying solo? An awesome workout. This full body partner workout obviously caters to the people who have a partner in their lives, but that doesn't have to mean a...

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