251K Lincoln Road

Waitakere 0610

22B Cavendish Drive

Manukau 2104

4 Aranui Road

Auckland 1060

1 Wagener Place

Auckland 1025

Jason Dunlop

Nickname: Jase / Jay

Training Split: 3 to 4 weight sessions 5 rep x 5 sets - 3 Birkram Yoga.
Favourite food: Pizza / crispy french fries with mayo.

Supplement Stack: BioX Powerwhey Banana, Mr Hyde, Gaspari SizeOn, Solgar VM 2000, Nutralife high strength fish oil, Solgar Resveratrol, Nutralife Vitamin D, Nutralife kyolic, Go Healthy colostrum bearsNutralife Ester C, and I am turning into a quest bar addict... cookie dough all the way!

Favourite Exercise: Tom venuto chest super set.

Least favourite exercise: Squats

Favourite song to train to: Rage againts the Machine.

Favourite Quote: If you think you can't you're right / The only way out is through.
Hate it at the gym when... they play love songs                                   
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