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Clinicians Nasal Clear Manuka 25ml

Clinicians Nasal Clear Manuka 25ml


About Clinicians Nasal Clear Manuka

Nasal Clear Manukais a scientifically designed formula with Manuka honey to support healthy breathing and clear sinuses.


Nasal Clear Manuka Benefits

  • Effective and fast acting formula
  • Supports clear healthy breathing
  • Supports inner ear and sinus health
  • Supports normal nasal bacterial balance
  • Supports muscous membrane health
  • Supports a healthy nasal response to allergens


Nasal Clear Manuka Features

  • Contains NZ Manuka honey, one of the most researched honeys in the world
  • Contains MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) which supports normal nasal membrane tone
  • Provides support for ills and chills and environmental pollution
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable with medicines
  • Can be used long term
  • Well tolerated



Adult(12 years and older): Apply 2 sprays into each nostril 2 to 3 times daily.

(2 years to 11 years): Apply 1 sprays into each nostril 2 to 3 times daily.


Contraindications & Cautions

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding under health professional supervision.


Nutrition Information

Clinicians Nasal Clear Manuka 25ml

Each Spray Contains

  • Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka honey) MGO 100+
  • 5.0 mg

  • Methylsuphonylmethane (MSM)
  • 5.0 mg


Also Contains: Purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate.

No Added: Gluten, diary, yeast, sugar, artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.