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Healtheries Jointex Plus Glucosamine 1000 & Chondroitin 265 120 Tablets

About supplements.co.nz Healtheries Jointex Plus Glucosamine 1000 & Chondroitin 265 120 Tablets

Why use Jointex Plus Glucosamine 1000 & Chondroitin 265 Tablets

Joint pain means that some mornings, you wake up and it just hurts to move. That pain is often due to your joint cartilage (which should cushion the ends of your bones) getting thin and damaged – either through injury, or daily wear and tear.

Healtheries Jointex Plus contains a high-potency blend of Glucosamine and Chondroitin – compounds your body uses to help naturally rebuild damaged cartilage. Boswellia (a herb traditionally used to help reduce joint pain and inflammation) is the other, unique ingredient in this high-potency joint pain relief formulation.

Recommended For

  • Helping to relieve acute joint pain and swelling 
  • Supporting your joints, tendons and ligaments in healing from sports (or other) injuries 
  • Easing acute joint inflammation and stiffness, especially after injuries 
  • Helping to improve joint flexibility and movement 
  • Assisting your body to heal damaged, worn joint tissue 
  • Providing your body with the building blocks to repair thin, brittle joint cartilage

Contains No

Wheat, gluten, milk derivatives, yeast, corn, starch, colour, flavour or preservatives


  • If you’re taking prescription medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before you use this product. 
  • This product contains Glucosamine, which comes from shellfish. Don’t take it if you have a seafood allergy, or have gout. 
  • Only take this product as directed on the pack, or as your healthcare professional directs. Taking excessive doses of Glucosamine may give you indigestion. 
  • This product is not suitable for children - keep it out of their reach.


Adults (pain relief): 1 tablet twice daily with food, or as your healthcare professional directs. Adults (long term maintenance): 1 tablet daily with food, or as your healthcare professional directs.


Glucosamine sulfate – Potassium chloride complex 1000mg
Chondroitin sulfate (bovine) 250mg
Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) dry gum oleoresin 600mg


Tabletting Aids

Ingredient Information

Glucosamine sulfate

  • Your body produces glucosamine naturally from nutrients it takes in from your diet. It uses this glucosamine as a building block to help repair damaged cartilage. However, as you get older, or if you are injured, your body produces less natural glucosamine. 
  • Glucosamine is a source of specific protein-carbohydrate compounds that help to nourish the cartilage tissues in your joints. 
  • Glucosamine sulfate is glucosamine that is bound to sulfur to keep it stable. Glucosamine sulfate is derived from shrimp, prawn or crab shells. 
  • Glucosamine sulfate supplements have been scientifically shown to help relieve joint pain. 
  • They can also help to ease joint swelling and inflammation, and may reduce joint stiffness.

Chondroitin sulfate

  • Chondroitin is another natural substance that your body uses as a building block for joint cartilage repair. 
  • The Chondroitin sulfate in Healtheries Jointex Plus comes from bovine (cow) cartilage. That means it contains all the compounds your body needs to maintain and rebuild your joint cartilage. 
  • Chondroitin sulfate acts much like sponge to draw water into your joint cartilage. This increases the cartilage’s ability to cushion your bones. 
  • Chondroitin also plays a role in blocking the enzymes that cause cartilage breakdown .

Boswellia (Boswellia serrata)

  • Boswellia has a long history of use in traditional Indian medicine to help ease joint pain and stiffness. 
  • More recently, it has been scientifically researched for its ability to help relieve joint pain. 
  • Boswellia resin is often known as frankincense.

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