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Nutralife Biolane Seatone 60 Caps

Nutralife Biolane Seatone 60 Caps


About Nutralife Biolane Seatone

Maximum strength, pure Biolane™ Green Lipped Mussel Extract to support joint health.


Beneficial for:

  • Healthy joint mobility, flexibility, resilience and suppleness
  • Assisting in repairing joint and cartilage damage
  • Protecting against discomfort associated with sports injuries, pain, inflammation and strains
  • Joint and muscle recovery following sports injuries or surgery
  • Digestive problems arising from pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory medication


Key and unique features:
  • A high-potency, maximum-strength Biolane™ mussel extract, sourced from 100% pure premium-quality New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels
  • Manufactured using a unique process of cold extraction
  • Provides a high level of biologically active, naturally occurring Green Lipped Mussel compounds, including a rich blend of proteins, minerals, enzymes, mucopolysaccharides, and Omega 3 fatty acids

Directions Nutralife Biolane Seatone Recommended Use

Take 1 capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. For an initial course, up to 2 capsules daily may be taken for 3 months or longer as required.

Nutrition Information

Nutralife Biolane Seatone Supplement Facts


  • Each gelatin capsule provides
  • Biolane™ Active Green Lipped Mussel Extract (Perna canaliculus) 
  • 500mg
  • -


Formulated without: Wheat, gluten, milk derivatives, yeast, corn, soy, starch, colour, flavour, or preservatives.